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EII Capital Management, Inc. is a leading, independent real estate investment firm with over 30 years’ experience of investing in privately owned US commercial real estate and publicly traded global real estate securities. Our investment strategies are focused on publicly traded US REITs and US Preferred Income securities.

Within these two asset classes, we deploy a top-down active investment approach that involves selecting individual securities from a broad universe of opportunities.

We also provide:

  • tailored investment advice to European institutions and ultra-high net worth individuals and families;

  • bespoke account management services to European and North American families and institutions;

  • and dedicated funds to European families and institutions, registered investment advisors (RIAs) and other intermediaries.


EII was established in 1983 and remains a 100% employee-owned firm.



EII Capital Management, Inc. is a leading provider of real estate securities investment management services. Since 1987, the firm has been managing diversified portfolios of publicly listed US REITs and real estate operating companies (REOCs).

Real estate securities are widely recognized as offering key investment benefits, including:

  • attractive current return,

  • direct exposure to tangible assets,

  • generally low correlation to other asset classes,

  • and inflation hedging qualities.


Publicly traded real estate securities also benefit from a higher level of liquidity, flexibility, market pricing, and transparency relative to equities and bonds.

With the goal of meeting a diversity of client objectives, EII provides various strategies for investing in real estate securities in the US.


Our US REITs strategy aims to deliver absolute and relative total returns superior to its benchmark* over a three- and five-year investment horizon. The strategy invests primarily in securities issued by REITs and REOCs domiciled in the US. As a secondary objective, the strategy seeks to provide attractive current return.

* FTSE EPRA/NAREIT United States Index Net Total Return Index

US REITs Income: 

The primary objective of the US REITs Income strategy is to deliver high current income by investing in real estate securities. The strategy targets opportunities that are attractively priced, offer a stable current yield, and low-price volatility. Its secondary objective is to provide capital appreciation.

The strategy focuses on investing in equities, preferred securities and debt securities of REITs, REOCs and other companies that are principally engaged in real estate businesses and real estate investments. By diversifying across the capital structure of real estate companies, this hybrid investment strategy is designed to materially lower a portfolio’s volatility, while providing a similar return profile to commercial private real estate.





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Our management and investment team are highly experienced, and cycle tested. The US REIT team holds an average of 28 years industry experience.